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Peter Sidoti, the Chief Executive Officer and a leading healthcare analyst for 20 years between Value Line, Drexel Burnham, Natwest Markets, and Schroders, formed Sidoti & Company, LLC in 1999 to address the dearth of research on companies not included in the S&P 500 or generating investment banking fees. The founding team identified a significant market of institutional investors willing to pay for traditional research focused on companies with small market capitalizations.

The firm originated as a small part of the research team at NatWest Markets in 1996, with five analysts initiating coverage of 30 companies with market caps below $300 million. The group moved to Schroders in July 1997 following the collapse of NatWest, and expanded to 12 analysts and 100 equities with $1.5 billion market caps or less. Schroders shuttered the operation in January 1999; in our opinion, the firm viewed small-cap research as a hindrance to its competition for investment banking business with larger corporations.

Sidoti & Company, LLC received its broker/dealer license from FINRA in May 2000, which allowed us to generate commissions from our institutional client base, and for our customers to pay for services using a more traditional method than soft dollar converters. In addition, our Trading Desk launched in April 2004; the lead sales trader boasts more than 30 years of experience. In August 2016 we formally introduced a Company Sponsored Research product that is of the same quality and has virtually the same content as our traditional research offering, except that there is no BUY/NEUTRAL rating system for a stock. There is however a two-tier risk rating system. The analysts providing company sponsored research are the same experienced Sidoti analysts producing our traditional research coverage 

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